In order to remove as many obstacles as possible to boat ownership, we have established a first-class finance department that prides itself on privacy and ease of use. Working alongside a subsidiary of Brunswick Marine Corporation known as Blue Water Finance, we have developed a system to handle financing for practically all new and used products.

Unlike what happens at other dealerships, when Robbins Marine receives your private credit application and forwards it with the necessary paperwork to Blue Water Finance. At that time they "pull" the prospective customer's credit only once and take the information they receive and "shop" up to 14 different lenders for the very best deal. Other dealerships will take a credit application and simply "blast fax" it to many different banks who in turn each "pull" the credit score. Many borrowers are unaware that every time an individual's credit is pulled, it actually lowers their overall score. Here at Robbins Marine we want to help you maintain and in fact increase your credit score, because we would like to sell you more boats in the future. Only in VERY selective situations will they access your credit file more than once. Usually it would be a case of an incomplete credit application or missing paperwork.

In addition to the overall efficiency from using Blue Water Finance, they can usually offer a better deal on financing, such as longer terms, lower APR, or low down payments. This can be achieved because of the sheer volume of financial services provided to thousands of new boat owners and in turn they have developed better access with the lending institutions.

Available to Our Qualified Applicants:
  • Very low interest rates
  • No penalty for early payoff
  • Every rate is a fixed rate (no variables)
  • Longest terms possible
  • Low or no money down
  • Easy credit application
  • Deferred first payment programs

We have sources to finance new or used boats, motors, and/or trailers. Simply complete the easy and secure online credit application on this site and we'll take care of the rest!