Tips for Buying a Used Boat

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Tips for Buying a Used Boat

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Once you’ve decided that buying a used boat is the best option for you, where do you begin? There are a lot of variables you need to take into consideration when buying a used boat. At Robbins Marine, we want to make sure all of our customers are educated on the used boat buying process so we’ve put together some useful information to get you started.

If there’s one used boat in particular that you’ve got your eye on, the first thing you’ll want to do is get as much information as possible. Ask important questions like the boat’s age, maintenance history, and how many owners it’s had. This helps you determine if there were any past issues and if the boat is being sold for a fair price.

You’ll also want to check for any visible damage on the boat. Small, thin cracks near the screws, fittings, and joints are fairly common among older boats so you don’t need to worry about those so much. On the other hand, cracks that are longer than two inches or a large amount of cracks in one area could indicate structural damage from a crash or other impact. Another thing you’ll want to be aware of is any mildew, rot, or rust because all these signs point to the fact that the boat wasn’t properly cared for by previous owners. Always take the boat for a test ride, which includes starting the engine and listening for any questionable sounds.

Buying a used boat is a fun and exciting time but it’s still essential that you do your due diligence in the process. If you have further questions or you’re interested in checking out our used boat inventory, be sure to visit Robbins Marine in Milton, PA!

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